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How To: Painting A Bathroom

When it comes to painting a bathroom, do you know the best possible way to get the job done? This article will highlight how you can quickly paint your bathroom with professional results. Here are five tips that you will want to make sure that you are familiar with.

Tip #1: Acquire Quality Painting Tools

You will want to make sure that you are using high-quality paint brushes and paint rollers, as this helps ensure quality results. Purdy products are recommended. The three-inch angled sash brush by Purdy is a good brush, as it holds a decent amount of paint, helping you paint faster and further. In addition, this brush won’t leave lines from the brush’s bristles on the wall (aka roping).

You will also need a quality roller. We recommend a 3/8-inch nap roller for semi-smooth and smooth walls. Purdy WhiteDove woven paint rollers are ideal since they will not leave lint behind on the walls. Plus, they hold a lot of paint and tend to apply the paint to the wall better as opposed to cheaper rollers, leading to quicker application.

With cheap rollers, you may find that there is fur behind on the wall—and this doesn’t look good. Paint also tends to splatter with cheap rollers, leading to quite the mess on the floor and potentially tracking of the paint into other areas of the home, such as rooms with carpet.

Tip #2: Purchase Quality Tape

Frog Tape is a quality tape that is recommended by many professional painters since it offers clean edges for window casings, door jambs, as well as baseboards. This tape is also well-known for its ability to prevent paint bleeds—and trust us, there is nothing quite worse than taping off your trim, painting the walls, removing the tape, and finding that the paint bled through the tape and you have to repair it. Some painters will utilize clear caulk in addition to the Frog Tape, providing a straighter paint line. If you opt to do this, the 950A caulk from Sherwin Williams is good.

Tip #3: Manage Your Time

If you manage your time wisely, you should be able to paint a bathroom within two hours—maybe less. As soon as your tape is up, use a paint roller and start applying the first coat of paint. This initial coat should not be a heavy one, as if you are attempting to apply only one coat to the walls. Essentially, this coat is a skim coat, which is a light paint coating that should be able to dry within half an hour.

Tip #4: Turn on the Heat

As soon as you have finished applying the skim coat, crank up the heat inside the house and switch on the bathroom exhaust fan. These will expedite the drying process of the skim coat. Ideally, the temperature should get up to about 75 degrees F. You can now begin the cut-in of the ceiling, and make sure you aren’t skimping in the amount that you apply. Use a four-inch roller to roll paint over your cut-ins. It should take roughly 15 to 20 minutes to do this.

Tip #5: Trim Your Cut-Ins and Apply the Second Coat

You can apply clear-colored paintable caulking to all of the Frog Tape along the trim. Next, paint over the caulk and tape with your paint brush and then roll over the cut-ins just like you did with the ceiling cut-ins. You can now use your roller and apply a second coat of paint to the entire space.

Once the second coat of paint has been fully applied, you can immediately begin removing the tape. Don’t allow for the paint or caulk to dry. As soon as it has been removed and there has been time for the paint to dry some, examine the walls for any bare spots. More often than not, if there are any, it will be in the areas where the cut-ins were done.

For more information or if you feel like this isn’t a project you can handle yourself, contact the professionals at Frederick Services.

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