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4 Projects That Will Help Refresh Your Home (With Paint) Right Now

Is your home starting to look dull and uninviting? Are you getting tired of the same old and same old? It may be time to give your home a fresh new look. This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy all new furniture or even paint your entire home. There are plenty of smaller projects, using paint, that can be done that pack a huge punch—often as much as a big project makeover—but with minimal time and effort on your part. Here are four of them.

Project #1: Spice Up Your Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is often considered outdated, and it looks it, too. However, you can easily transform your wood paneling from a dark, retro appearance to something that is far more chic and bright by painting it your favorite color, or a color that goes with your current décor.

Make sure that you use a bonding primer first and then a high-quality paint to ensure that it covers well. Sand it down real good with sandpaper, clean it, prime it, and then paint it.

Project #2: Add Color to Your Brick Fireplace

Texture is something offers visual interest in the home, and brick does a great job at that. While brick fireplaces are beautiful all on their own, you may dislike the burnt color of the brick. If this is the case, consider painting the bricks to match your current palette and simply allow the texture to make a bold statement in the room.

Before painting, you will want to clean the bricks by vacuuming any loose matter and dust along with a diluted degreaser. Prior to applying the actual paint, you will want to use a primer on the surface. Use a paintbrush to get in all the hard-to-reach spots that a roller cannot get.

Project #3: Make a Good First Impression with Your Front Door

One of the first things that you and guests see when approaching your home is the front door, so it needs to essentially set the stage for everything that will be seen when the door opens. If you have recently updated in the inside of your home to be sleek and modern, yet your door is weathered with chipping paint, it is definitely time to give your door a facelift.

All imperfections should be sanded down, and hardware should be removed. You can apply primer to help the paint last longer, but it isn’t necessary in this case as it was in the above projects. Try to start this project earlier in the day to ensure that the paint has plenty of time to drive prior to condensation arriving in the evening.

Project #4: Get Contemporary with Patchy Walls

Are you tired of looking at white, off-white, or just neutral-colored walls? Or maybe you are beginning to dislike your plain walls with no modern design to them? Whatever the case may be, if you aren’t interested in stripes, you may be intrigued by the idea of patches of paint, a very contemporary painting technique.

To take on this technique, all you need to do is have a base color (a neutral color would probably do best, but this is up to you based on how you would like the design to look in the end) and mark off rectangles and square on the wall so that you can fill each out of them with a color of paint of your choice (ideally, a bright, bold color). If you have a room that is already decorated with bold, bright colors, such as area rugs or bedding, use those for inspiration to choose your colors for the rectangles and squares. 

For more ideas on updating your home with paint or for help bringing your ideas to fruition, contact us at Frederick Services.

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